Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Long time, no post.

It's been a week. Figured I would post. I didn't post for Harvest Monday for 2 weeks in a row. It's not that I didn't harvest. It's that my harvests were piddly. And I mean it. In the last 2 weeks I've brought in 6 tomatoes that weighed in at a whopping 9 ounces. a handful of yardlong beans, 5 figs,  6 key limes, and that's about it. I ate a couple of mulberries and the last few grapes that turned. There are still some that are green and I've got the great internal debate going on as to what to do with them. Do I leave them? Cut them off? I think I should cut them and let the vine put that energy into leaf production. The leaves are fighting diseases now thanks to our awful humidity here.

At any rate. I have gotten about half the garden turned and replanted. The other part is mostly weeded and under control. But 1/3 of it remains insane. I just can't seem to tackle it. I'm not sure why. I think that since i"m having such a hard time with it I will simple tear up the giant parsley and throw in an overload of marigold seeds and see what kind of damage I can do to the nematode population. One of the problems I'm having with replanting it with beans right now is that I know without a doubt that this is where I want my french beans come fall. It's the best place for them then. It's also where I'll need a load of compost or top soil because it sank the most from the recent rains. That means it would do best with the enrichment's to be planted with tomatoes or other plants in the middle as a partition. It's got my brain ticking for the Fall planting schedule at least! :-D

Speaking of.... this weekend I'm hoping to get my tomatoes into their first pots. I'm Chitting again! I sure hope that this crop goes better than the last. This spring did not do well at ALL.

Here is what I've been up to while I've been away from the blog the last couple weeks, I've been relaxing ....
I took my one child (yes, I only have one this week) off to a resort in Orlando to play this weekend. It was fun. But certainly not all it was cracked up to be. It's touted to be the best resort in Orlando blahblahblah. It's NOT. I wasn't happy. I went to relax. It was nothing close to relaxing. It was mass chaos - noisy, crowded and did I mention mass chaos! UGH. Even the 'Adult only" pool was only inches away from the kiddie pool where the DJ was screaming away for hours on end. I'm not happy that I paid hundred of dollars to "get away" when I've got beaches and white sand right here in my back yard. UGH.  (here is my I'm not REALLY enjoying myself face)
But the resort did offer one thing I can't get here.

a 4th story INDOOR view. LOL. The atrium was fantastic. Noisy with the kids screaming and running around, but really and truly amazing views...

I would be willing to go back in the slow season - DURING THE WEEK. M~A~Y~B~E,=. But, only maybe. I really like the places I stay to be quiet. Even Savannah didn't like how noisy it was... but she did like one thing...

The boardwalk and meeting the characters form Madagascar on it. :-) That really made her day. They chased after the more aggressive kids, but noticed how timid she was and were careful of her. It was nice that they didn't take advantage of it. Some characters do.

But I gotta say for the price I paid, I was happier at home, doting on the chooks... I told you all a couple of weeks ago I'd introduce you, and here they are -

 This is peck for obvious reason you can see in that little beady eye she's just waiting for you to not be paying attention. She likes to peck at my ring the most. It's not her 'birth' name - but no one can seem to remember that - so Peck it is. Behind her is Stripes. She a little camera shy. I take that back. She gets up close and personal with the camera until it makes noise. LOL. She likes to see herself in the lens, but as soon as it starts to whir and click she takes off. Annah has her favorite in hand...
This is Feathers. Yup. Ingenious naming scheme, huh? Feathers is undoubtedly the sweetest bird. She puts up with a lot. I mean a lot, too. LOL. Annah purt near tortures this bird. It's a good thing she seems to put up with it well and she gets extra treats for it at least. :-) What the other birds have learned? RUN!!! HAHAHA....

So that is what I've been up to. Hope you've been well.

'Till next time!



  1. I've got to start my next round of tomato and pepper seeds! It's so hard to be motivated in this ridiculous heat!

  2. I was just in FL this past two weeks. It was amazing to me how different things were off season. We could walk into any restaurant at any time and get a seat. During the winter my father will not even eat out because he refuses to wait in line. Hope your next vacation is more relaxing.