Monday, July 16, 2012

Harvest Monday 7.16.12

I thought if I didn't show up soon you would all think I took off for Canada!
So I show you what little I have.
Some late more season figs I only have about 4 or 5 left on the plant now. It's so tiny, I'm surprised I got this many!
A few tomatoes and yet another keylime.(also what is left of the onions from a previous post but I tried to keep them out of the post. The kiwi is from the store so don't look at it!) LOL

It's not much and the 3 okra didn't make it into the photos, but made it into the dinner. ;-) I also forgot to take a picture of my little bag of yard longs curled up. I think it's funny when they are wound up together. They kids like them that way before I cut them. They store a while like that too. I can continue to harvest the 3 or 3 I get every other day and at the end of the week I have enough for a side dish for us. Next week I hope to show you.

I did remember to finally update the tally. My little garden has given me just over 200 pounds of produce this year so far. Not bad for 200 square ft of planting area. Well, that plus I have things planted here and there around the house. But the majority of it is confined to that area. I sure do hope that my peaches, plums, apples and avacados take off this next year. I feel like I've been babying them for a small eternity for nothing. My citrus have all gotten destroyed with greening it just seems like such a waste to put so much effort in some times. Surely one of these trees (err... or in this case a pair) has to do well here. There were chosen for here.
The blueberries that I rescued last year have finally all either decided to start doing well or have died. Sad, or glad and true. Now I can take the ones that didn't make it and make room, and truly help the ones that did make it. Some are really looking well. Enough that I am having visions of granduer for Spring already. :-D

The chosen varieties of tomatoes for Fall? If all goes well the selection will look like this:
 Monomahk's Hat (an oxheart) 6each
Roma 10each
Better Boy (Hy for disease pkg) 6each
Big Rainbow 4each <3
Tomatillos giant and purple 3each

Because this fall I just can't deal with regular old tomatoes any more. I didn't get many tomatoes at all from the Spring line up of 26 tomato plants. I almost no tomatoes. Yes, I see 9 tomatoes in that picture they are puny, and they are bush tomatoes except one and they were a last resort and...really 6 pounds of tomatoes from 26 plants!>!?!?!?!? UGH What a failure. Anyway. I picked a vairety that someone gifted me a few seeds I wanted to try, a variety I love, a variety that is a standby for canning, one for it's disease resistance, and a variety that is fantastic for well, salsa verde - or in this case salse morado.

I will be buying a few extra pots in the coming weeks. Anything I can do to try to up my chances to get more of these jewels INTO my belly and not the trash, please.

'Till next time!


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  1. Those figs look delicious! I do hope you have better luck with your tomatoes. I had a year like that and I was so bummed.