Thursday, June 28, 2012

Debby is DONE!

Well, almost anyway. There is still al little standing water here and there. A few road closures due to flooding. (still) Rivers are still high. But, for the most part she's off with the wind and annoying someone somewhere else. Fishermen that is.

Thank goodness. Now, if I could just send a few inches of this out to Colorado.... Poor souls.

As for us - It will be a long weekend of clean up. We will need to remove the sod and planter from around the rental house, seal it, paint it, make sure that fixes the leaking problem, fix the drywall and the damaged boards inside the wall, replace the carpet and pad, and I'm quite positive I've left something out here.

There is no rain in our forecast for at least a week now. I think I'm OK with that. The rivers near us are all still over capacity. The homes near them are all flooded. We can wait. Besides, I have WAY too much to do to be dodging raindrops right now.

R.I.P. Pig, the turtle. (Yes, that really was her name) Our only real casualty of the storm. While her death can be contributed to the storm it wasn't a direct relation to the storm. Hoping to get Pig II in place before the kids notice. LOL.

The house I was sitting had a minor roof leak that seems OK now, and the chickens are fine although rattled from all the days of high winds. This weekend the girls will have a grand time with them again and hopefully I'll be able to introduce y'all to them. The owner is still a little baffled that we can wrangle them and she can't so she thinks I'm some sort of chicken whisperer. hehehe... I told her I'd be glad to whisper to her chickens any day - when they move into my yard. :-D

Wishful thinking.

Off to get back to normal. Swim lessons today and a Storm (arena football) game apropos...I swear I wouldn't go but my company is hosting the field so as HR and all I should be there for PR...yeha that's it. It has nothing to do with wanting to take my teenaged kid there and show him how cool we are that we are willing to take him to these things. (He does know that I wouldn't step foot there otherwise!)

'Till next time.


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  1. Glad you survived and that everyone is okay. Sorry about the rental!!