Monday, June 25, 2012

Debby so far, and it's only Monday

On Thursday it started raining... and it hasn't stopped yet. It's Monday and 'they' are saying that it isn't going to stop raining until Wednesday or Thursday.

Yippee. Wahoo.... I'm jumping for joy. Can't you tell? No? Hmmm... maybe this is why...
This 9" of water was collected in 24 hours from Sunday morning until this morning. 9 inches.... and that was only one day. My yard is washing away and that is not the worst of it. My plants can be replanted.

My house however can not be replanted. Thankfully and I hate saying it that way (But it's true) it's not the home that we live in currently. It's the house that we rent out...but it still stinks. We just spent our savings buying a car so now any repairs we need to make (and we NEED to make) will have to be on the credit cards. The house is flooding up through the wall and floor joint, and at the window as well. Life is wonderful. *Please note the slight sarcasm choking me here*


The carpets and drywall will need replaced and of course whatever repair needs to be made... *sigh* Mother Nature sure is fickle. We can't even begin to find someone to come out to find the problem or a solution until it stops raining.

When will that be?

HAHAHAHAH!!!! Your guess is as good as mine. Wednesday perhaps...Thursday. Our river flood watch doesn't expire until Thursday... THURSDAY! and they left the Tropical Storm Watch indefinitely due to the forecast being so uncertain.

I sure hope we don't end up with another 9" every 24 hours. I can handle dreary and somewhat rainy, but this much rain is not what I want. I need a little relief so my poor renters don't cry for a ...a.... mutiny. Considering all the rain I feel like I need a sea themed post here.

Besides apparently we need oars to get to work these days.

Stay dry y'all! I sure hope I can get a little drier.

'Till next time!



  1. How about we trade you. We need rain. We have been drought dry this summer. Finally got .4 inch Saturday. That'll help the crops and gardens some. Our pond is down about 4 or 5 feet or more. However, I don't think I need all 9 inches at once. Maybe just an inch per day. Can you work that out? Thanks!

  2. Holy Cow, 9 inches is more rain than we get for an entire year!! I hope every thing will be okay with you and your family!!

  3. That is a ridiculous amount of water. You should be very proud of any harvest under those conditions. Hope the house isn't too too badly damaged.

  4. Wow, that is a lot of rain for one day... We've had 10" since Sunday, most of it between Sunday and Monday. Our field was pretty flooded yesterday, which made life difficult, but nothing compared to the damage you are dealing with! :-(