Monday, June 11, 2012

Harvest Monday 6.11.12

This is the last large harvest for the Summer. The rest will be the drabs and dribbles that happen due to the heat. That is until the cowpeas start setting in large numbers. That won't happen until I'm ready to start my fall garden late in the year when everyone else is already turning under and ending their gardens for the year. The cycles are wacky here for sure.

To clear the way for the summer crops a lot of the beds needed cleared the bush beans,  the allium bed (and carrots with them) both had to be cleared:

before....and after.....

It was so steamy out. It even fogged up the camera!

*note the now completely covered trellis~!* 
Green garlic, and red and yellow onions - sorry y'all get the dirty pics - they are still drying on my kitchen table. I had to run out right after ripping all this out. I had a birthday party to go to, and no time to purty up the pictures.


But I did get a great harvest this week. Unfortunately it's all the carrots until winter unless there is a stray hiding somewhere. I still have about 20 onions in a planter, but I don't expect them to do anything. I'm only leaving them because I didn't find time to do anything with them and I sure don't need 'em. If I run into a neighbor or a friend who would use them I'd give them away.  I also pulled the leeks in the above photo. Wrong time of year for them but I'm not arguing. They are a good size and they cleaned up really nice. They just got knocked down when I took out one of the old less productive broccoli plants. I've got 3 that produce for me still and a few that haven't been so I was getting rid of the ones that don't.

Here are the tomatoes that were harvested a little green -boy did they turn! And a single cuke.  A day's picking of the concord grapes and the rest of the carrots.

*WHEW*  What a week. Unfortunately I won't have much to show for a while, and now I have a lot of planting to do. I still need to get rid of the big old zucchini plant and start those tomato seeds for fall. It may be sweltering out now, but that is just the time to get things ready for fall!

Linking in to Daphne's Dandelions. Don't forget to stop by her place and see what people are harvesting all over the world. Thanks Daphne for being our ever present - FANTSTIC hostess!

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  1. You and I are in similar boats. Today's high is 100 here (N TX). Not much going to happen with those sort of temps. I am starting my fall tomatoes this week. My spring tomatoes are putting out gloriously right now, but not many new yellow flowers are showing up. You'd think a warm climate means a long growing season. But we really have two: the pre-100 temp season and the post-100 temp season. I was able to grow summer squash and peas through last summer though.

    1. We're in the same boat, both in N TX. So this is the time to start fall tomatoes? Thanks for the clue!

  2. I planted a few leeks this spring because the garden center had some in a small pot. I know they won't do anything, but they are alive in my tomato pots so I'll just keep watering and see what happens.

    You've got some beautiful tomatoes! Love those grapes, too!

  3. Wow, very nice. We have gotten lucky in GA this year, not too hot so far and more rain than we need.

  4. So strange seeing your post, I'm just getting mt first tomato blossoms. Then I remembered my first visit to the Mississippi in-laws in June. Their garden was burned out and the only thing still growing was the okra and watermelon. But at least you have 2 seasons and we're lucky to get one.

  5. I had no idea you could not grow much during the summer months, learning so much about how thing grow in different parts of the country.
    You sure had a bountiful harvest.

  6. The steamy picture says it all! We each adjust to our unique growing conditions - a sign of a good gardener is one that knows how to maximize their particular growing environment. Good work on the harvests this week - they were quite impressive.

  7. We've been 95-100+ for weeks. The peas and lettuce are gone and the tomatoes are just coming in.We'll see if a late planting of carrots size up or not. Like you I am already thinking about fall plantings; I need to get some things in the ground now and many more in July.

  8. It's always so interesting to see how everyones plantings and harvestings are so incredibly different! I had never before thought about how incredibly hot it gets in Florida and how you wouldn't actually be able to grow anything in such heat. Crazy!

    Your harvests look wonderful and bountiful! Congratulations!

  9. Your climate is really interesting - similar to Western Australia (hot and dry), or maybe more like Queensland (hot & humid). Is there anything you can grow through summer?

  10. Patricia - If you can keep them alive until Fall they will do fantastic and be wonderful and FAT for you. That is my plan. I figur at least some should survive. :-)

    Becky- Less watering at least. teehee.

    David - it is so weird to see so many people still bringing in lettuce and such. I'm actually in shock to see the carrots in such good shape still!

    Norma- you'd think more would grow but it just doesn't. Lots will start, but not much will do well.

    KFG- Yup. 2 very quick seasons but it's great to have a second chance. LOL.

    MH- I hope yours does well. I'm dreaming of peas again and there is only one chance for those here. Dead of winter. LOL.

    BG- I love seeing everyones different things but aboutn ow it's heartbreaking to see the fresh peas and greans when I'm baking. *sigh*

    Liz-Then it's most like Queensland from April-November. It's down right soggy and mega hot. December, January, and February we get a reprive and it's beautiful. That is when the garden does the best and we can actually try to grow what the rest of America is growing now - like their Spring. Dec-April is usually pretty dry too.

  11. I hope you can enjoy the respite from trying to stay on top of a garden that is cranking out produce! Soon enough you will be staring at counterfulls of food that you have to cook/can/freeze, etc.