Monday, May 21, 2012


I don't have much to share. But, linking into Daphne's Dandelion's to share it! Thanks Daphne for always being a great hostess. Don't forget to stop by her place and say hi!

 The last week has been about the summer change.  Here is the one basket I remembered to take a picture of.

These carrots have changed my mind about how I'm growing carrots from now on. I loved growing them in with the onions all willy nilly. It worked out well - and this giant type also worked out well. They took no longer really than the smaller types and I got so much more! Look at the normal sized on in there next to the larger ones. Wow! What a difference. Considering how MANY carrots this family eats....I'm thinking go BIG or go HOME! er... OK I am home- but you know what I mean.

The biggest honking carrots, and nice sized green garlic (I'm begining to think I'll only get green this year) a good cuke, some okra, berries, zucchini, broccoli, a few beans, a young red onion. A decent haul. I got a couple chilis and 2 small romas this week as well as a few more okra and broccoli- but that is about it. I really was concentrating on getting things changed over.

More sweet potato slips went in. 6 more - so 12 total. I won't be breaking a record with that number, but I have so many other things i want to grow that I don't have space for much else. They are all bush type of course. The peanuts are all up, the soybeans didn't germinate very well. I'm quite disappointed. I think I'll risk moving the plants and distributing them so that they can at least benefit from the area given to them rather than leaving them crowded to one side, as it seems the ones that did germinate all were together. (figures) There wont be any more slips going in now. I used the butt of the potato to generate the last of these. They had some great roots though! Awesome for not having transplant shock. LOL

The last stand of sweet corn for summer is up. I'll try again in fall. I don't know what my failure is with it all the time. Like carrots I just keep trying. I'll figure it out at some point! ;-) The last batch from a few weeks ago was delicious, just miniature. I'll plant popcorn in the heat of the summer. Funny- the corn always grows up in the plots in Alabama. Humph. Guess the clay holds the nutrients better and longer. Even with all the amendments and how wonderful things are doing (compared to how they USED to do) I still can't get corn to grow. Oh, well!

I also cleaned out the rest of the non vining green beans, so any green beans you see now until fall will be non green, flat Italian, or for the first time ever, POLE! Speaking of - it seems to me that I may have stumbled upon something. My dragons tongue beans are not very, uh - 'poley' they are much more bushy. They are also not holding up well in our humidity. :-( They have loads of beans that isn't the problem at all. Its that the poor little plants have already gotten mildew. *sigh* Can't win for losing 'round here I suppose. You should see those beans here next week.
Hopefully the growth of the seedlings will be good this week and I can do some update shots soon. Right now it would just look like a blank garden and then a lot of the same old stuff you always see. (the allium patch, the blueberries, etc)
Summer is here officially - we have our first Tropical storm off the coast of Florida and it's 'officially' hitting 90 each day this week. Yikes!
Stay cool my friends!

'Till next time!



  1. Hi Barbie!
    Interesting post. I planted a whole bed of carrots last fall, and it's been giving and giving. I love it!
    Dragon tongue beans never did well for me either. The other thing we planted a whole bed of this year has been cabbage, and it's turned out great. Maybe I'll post about my harvest next Monday! I have the pictures but limited time on the computer today...
    Glad to see you're still working in the garden. :)


  2. well you have quite a varied harvest there. My pole beans are just a few inches high, but I have a pretty long season for them, so should be fine. Tho I do have more varieties to plant.

  3. Corn isn't really that isn't to grow. It really needs a lot of nutrients to do anything. I'm not growing it because it takes up a lot of room for what you get, I think. This is my year to go BIG on carrots!

  4. Those are indeed some bigger carrots and it seems like they are more efficient to grow (more produce for the growing area used) than smaller varieties. You have a nice varied harvest again this week!

  5. I didn't realise there was a bush type of sweet potato. i grew it for the first time this year - only 2 plants and the vines took over the garden. Bushes would have been better...

  6. I like the big carrots too. The little ones are too fiddly for me. Too much work not enough carrot to eat. Cute if you have clay shallow soil. And I have trouble getting corn to produce well. I'm really hoping this year it happens.

  7. Flat Italian beans are on my list of things I want to grow. I'm sure it's too late for me this year, but I will be watching for yours!

  8. Mary- so good to see you back.:-D

    Mary H - I hope yours do well for you. SO far so good for me. I do have a bare spot in mine that needs something. Maybe a baby melon. LOL

    Dave- good luck with your carrots! I'll get the hang of the corn sooner or later.

    KFG- TY - and yes I'm going to use what I have for carrots and I'll get the more heat tolerant varieties for here but I'm SOLD on this larger type now!

    Liz- oh my! I hope you got quite the haul from that!

    Daphne - I have to agree. If I figure out the secret to the corn I'll share. ;-)

    Patricia - MMMmmm LOVE the flat beans. Hope you get some next year! Surely you have 60 days left?!