Monday, May 14, 2012

Harvest Monday 5.14.12

I skipped a week. We had a family emergency going on. We lost one of our Matriarchs. She will be keenly missed and fondly remembered. I missing the weights on the majority of the harvest because of this, but I do have some pictures. I should have more than these, but... Ah - lets say I missed a day or two.

I pulled the majority of the remaining cabbages. The cabbage moths are getting pretty bad now, so I gave in. Besides it's getting hot and they won't have much chance of getting any larger now. There is one purple one left out there. It's just beautiful and so petite I got all sentimental and left it for a few more weeks to try to pull a decent head size from it.


The purple beans are producing, and the last of the green beans were pulled out of the garden. Of course, the next batch are already flowering so there will be hardly a lull in the harvest of them. The June bearing strawberries are producing well now. Love that. The spring berries disappeared a month ago and now the summer berries have arrived. :-)

These are (about half of) the carrots that I had sown in with the alium bed. This is the easiest way to grow them that I know of.

They take no extra space or care and the grow just fine. I just sprinkle extra seeds in when I sow my onion and garlic sets in the fall, and Voila! I have carrots  waiting for me here and there throughout the spring. In this case 1 pound 8.9 ounces. Impressive for not even truly sowing them.
Below is a miss mash of stuff I yanked out last night after going out to adjust the sprinklers. The first okra of the season. Exciting, but soooo depressing at the same time. That little baby corn is the only one that made it in the house. The kids and I sat in the garden and ate them off the corn stalks. We didn't get much - like always but they are such a treat. It's not quite as small as it looks. The cuke, okra, berries and zucchini are all much larger than they look. That barrel is about as big as my arms are if I form a circle with my hands. So nearly washtub size!

So the soybeans and peanuts are sown, and the zucchini and okra are producing well now. I'm still bringing in broccoli, cucumbers, berries, green beans and carrots for now. But, the season is creeping in fairly fast so I'm savoring what I can.  I only have about another pound or so of carrots in the garden, and the zucchini and berries can only last so long. I find myself torn between wanting to go to the beach and enjoy the heat, and wishing to be able to have the things in the garden that can grow in the cooler weather.  Then again, freshly roasted peanuts? Oh Man - that's fantastic!

I hope that you had a wonderful Mother's Day.
In Memory of Mildred Walkinshaw
A WONDERFUL Grandma and Great-Grandma.
We love you.
'Till next time!



  1. I am sorry about your loss.

    Thanks for the tip about growing carrots among the onions. I will try that in the fall when I plant my onions.

    You already have okra? Wow! My plants are finally overcoming the bugs that were eating them. They are about 2 inches tall with several leaves now.

  2. So sorry for your loss.

    Your harvest seems to be going nice and strong.

  3. Sorry to hear of your family's loss. Your garden is really producing well and it sounds like things are coming along nicely behind the current crops. Growing carrots in or near onions is ideal as the onions discourage the carrot flys from laying eggs on the carrots. You reminded me that I need to plant more carrots today!

    I was traveling all last week so am not participating in harvest monday this week. Will catch up next Monday.

  4. sorry to hear about your grandma. Lovely harvests none the less; you are much farther ahead than I am; no beans, corn, tomatoes or squash yet and I'm just getting ready to plant limas and okra.

  5. This may be a mishmash, but it's a beautiful, colorful mishmash! I love all your beans, and am inspired to figure out how to grow more next year. Also, you already have okra!

    I recognized your seed packet. I bought most of mine from Southern Exposure, too!