Thursday, September 29, 2011


I found it!

I did... I found it! All on my own! I found it after all. And it only took until October!


Of course in a week this weather will be gone and it will be back to 97 and 77 and rain but - I'm taking what I'm given and I'm a running! This weekend is about mulching my newly planted pentas. :-)

Unfortunately Mother Natures is one week too late. :-( My hot pepper plants turned up the production and.... the rain kicked their butts finally. They have some sort of disease. Spot disease. Make me cry disease. I mean up until now I put away a half cup here or there but this month - this marked the turning point in the harvest when the freezer would finally be seeing the majority of what was coming in. We've been using most of what we had until now. I sure hope they can hold on for another month. I think I'll defoliate the worst, spray and pray. I won't be infecting any other crops for winter so there is no rush to yank out the plants. It's not contagious to what will be there later. Just annoying. Figures they'd finally succumb now that the weather has turned. HUMPH!

In other news.... my life has been taken over by PINK POODLES.

We are in full preparation for the twins 5th birthday party and it's going to be OOOOOOOOooooo so PINK and, well.... poodley. Hopefully not puddley it would be nice if the kids could play outdoors for a while! :-D
So far there are Pink Lemonade cupcakes in the works and I'm thinking about some pink oreos.... I'm on the hunt for pink foods and puffy things. Wish me luck!

'Till next time!


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  1. It's been very warm here too, at least until lately. It's finally getting cooler.