Monday, September 26, 2011

Harvest Monday 9.26.11

Joining in again at Daphne's for Harvest Monday. Don't forget to stop by and see what everyone is harvesting, or what they've done with they're harvests!

This weeks harvest was a flop of pictures and weights. I still have a lot of the harvest. What wasn't brought in for use directly to the pot that is. That never tends to be weighed or photographed so there is no difference there. Typically that is fresh herbs, but this week also included a cucumber. And on a side note something got in my garden and ate every SINGLE curcurbit. Yes, every single one out of each and every bed, go figure! Front beds, side beds, Trellis vines, etc. Only 3 vines remain and they are badly damaged. I have no idea what int he world did this. I have never heard of such a thing and whatever it was didn't touch anything thing else. Seriously, WEIRD>

Anyway. New to harvest this week are black eye peas! Whoot! Way later than usual for me but I couldn't resist putting them in at the end of the season to see how they would fair in the fall. I only planted a small 2' area but so far the little bushes are doing well and I figure the immature beans will cook well with the rice peas. I didn't take a picture so they will be represented by pink eye purple hulls. gotta have something to show, right? They look a lot like the immature beans, less like the mature ones. The purple is only really on the ends of the beans. Ill try to remember to get pictures this upcoming week. With no daylight when I get home now most nights it's getting harder to come by photos. :-(

Still in harvest are hot peppers, lima beans, mulberries, and also back in harvest is Okinawan Spinach. My fig bush is producing, but I am thinking these figs won't be more than a snack. They are tiny and not sizing up. I guess next year will be my year for figs. I'm patient. This year would have been nice but I guess I'll settle for a taste test instead.

In other news my remaining bells are blooming again. Of course they look like twigs with a bush at the top in bloom but eh- I'll take it. The summer planted bells are beginning to bud so I expect blooms in the next 2-3 weeks as well. OH! And the tomatoes are setting. YAHOOO!!!! I'll be back in business with tomatoes again soon. Not soon enough and certainly not long enough but we all know I will take what I can get. I've experimented with putting one of the hybrids down in the blueberry patch. I realize that the acidic soil may be too much for it, but the extra light and attention would be good and it's worth a shot. I'm still working on the second bed and trying to finalize something there in the next few weeks. I'd like to have a section ready for winter so I can have a row cover and try to extend a crop. I still have plenty of time but it's nice to have a game plan.

'Till next time!



  1. Sorry about the cucumber munched. I wonder who the culprit is? Congratulations on the black eyed peas!

  2. Sorry about the cucumber plants, it was nice to read about what you got...beans look great

  3. Definitely weird about your cucumbers. I don't know of anything that prefers cucumber foliage. It supposedly has a bitter taste to it which is what attracts the cucumber beetles. Otherwise, nice to know things are growing again in your garden now that it cooling down.

  4. Black eye peas were something Belle's mom used to make for us on New Year's Eve when we lived in Washington years ago. It was a fun tradition. You must be glad you decided to plant them, even if it was late in the season.

  5. Isn't that weird that something would only go for curcurbits. Funnily enough I was speaking to a friend today who has the same problem with cucumber seedlings - whenever she grows them something eats those seedlings only leaving absolutely everything else. Congrats on the black eyed peas!

  6. KFG- THanks - I'm totally stumped!

    Sarada & Dave- Welcome! It's nice to see a new face!

    Jody - Here we call it Hoppin' John... I have plans for that! This year they will be fresh instead of dry if I can help it. :-)

    Liz - I've never heard of this before! It ate quite literally a dozen or better plants that were all getting along well. Not even at small seedling size! Most had 4 leaves some had 8!

    *side note* I don't even have permission to comment on my own blog? WTheck?