Wednesday, December 8, 2010

From Butt prints to....

To ICED HOUSES!!!! That is a BROWN roof people! This is NOT supposed to happen in December in these parts. Grrr.....

And a completely iced over yard....

Please - OH PLEASE bring me back the wonderful beach days of just this weekend....

Look, I even went so far as to take a picture of myself enjoying the beach just so I could remember on these cold days. :-( And, those that know me KNOW I'm the picture taker, not the subject!

Needless to say that I have harvested the last of the tomatoes, peppers, okra, pumpkin, beans... I'm just beside myself. This was a shock to my system. I expect this in mid January and even February here and there but not quite so soon. I had so many little baby tomatoes that are now destined for the compost.
My beans were flowering profusely again. Now they are something akin to melted plastic. 

I suppose there is always a bright side to everything. A lot of the plants (not the tomatoes mind you) were spent. Those poor okra plants have produced and produced. It was time for them and some of the others. There is of course plenty to do.  I need to raise the beds another 4 inches this year. And possibly another 4 again next year. There are seed catalogs who's beckoning call is growing louder, like a siren's song to a sailor. It's truly an addiction.

Besides, with Birthday's, Christmas and New Years and people to see, places to visit - it's an amazingly busy time of year. I'll miss my plant friends but I know they will be back again. Rest now my little garden. Keep your cabbages and peas growing slow for now you deserve the rest. I'll be back soon!


  1. But the tomatoes have miles to go before they sleep...

  2. We are also in a cold snap but,it is New England after all. Very unusual for your neck of the woods though.

  3. Don't forget that you've got to get your tomatoes started in about two weeks too! Tonight, it's supposed to be even colder too... There go our avocado trees again, I'm sure they'll be sticks by tomorrow morning.


  4. Mary- We wrapped ours with hand warmers inside, but they petered out about 2am - just when it gets the coldest. :-( Ah, well they should come back pretty soon. At least a couple of them. There is one I am concerned about. Wasn't as careful when I planted that one. LOL