Thursday, December 16, 2010

In a Funk

Is it the weather? I dunno. Maybe that is what started it. That, the shorter days, the strange mishaps, major health emergencies of loved ones, a death in the family, the lack of time....

I had the Christmas spirit. I did. I think I just misplaced it. Someone help me find it again! This weekend was supposed to be our annual bake-a-thon. We have 2 mini bake-a-thons to go along with it no doubt. I mean preparation for Thanksgiving doesn't happen all by itself and I'm not quite the store bought kind of gal you know! Instead I have a funeral and family gathering to attend Saturday and Sunday is our Christmas dinner for 1 side of the family. I hate that our families can't come together one stinking day a year, be civil to each other (and sober) and get along. But between divorces, re-marriages, schedules... ah such is life. We also have a diversion of cultures as well. This dinner will be a main course of prime rib and lobster. A surf and turf if you will. It's one day a year and while it nearly kills me to pay the price the rewards are so worth it. Unfortunately it means the fresh baked goods won't b e attending. There's no time for yeast rolls, or homemade oat breads. No cookies, candies or truffles. A pumpkin pie is about all I'll be able to come up with on the fly.

Now, don't get me wrong. I know that all those things aren't what Christmas is all about. We are lucky that we have our jobs and we have family close enough to gather with in celebration. But, somehow it seems to take the spark off the top. I don't even think it's the lack of having those traditionally baked goods but more what it means. It means that I don't have the time to spend with my kids, to dirty the kitchen and make a mess, to enjoy their laughter and scold them while trying not to get caught smiling inside because yet again they have licked their fingers and stolen dough. (Just as I have)

And so tonight and in the nights to come remember to post those wonderful moments so that we can all share together the love you feel in your home. Help me de-funk myself and share the Christmas spirit you have.  Tonight I am off in search for my first ever packaged gingerbread house. I may not be able to bake it myself, but I refuse to lack the experience of building it with my children. And, of course the picking off of goodies. I can't wait to catch the first child that rallies and plucks the gumdrop from it's proper place. I can't wait to look down my nose at them as if I was debating a punishment and then to join the cause and call the rest to do the same. Some traditions, even though they aren't quite the same - just cannot be lived without. Let's hope it at least survives until Sunday night to greet the dinner guest. HA!

'Till next time!



  1. Good luck with the gingerbread house. It sounds like it is going to be a ball.

  2. Hi Barbie, I'll post a Christmas picture for you! I'm doing some baking tomorrow, and I'll definitely post about it when I'm done - I'm making a Christmas Trifle for our small group from Church. We're having a pot-luck dinner tomorrow night.
    The Christmas season can be mixed bag sometimes... I hope you catch the Christmas spirit again in the next few days. Play some Christmas music, watch Christmas movies, read Christmas stories... Hang in there!


  3. Bah! Humbug! I was so sure we'd have our AZ place sold by now, I took all of my Christmas decorations home with me last spring! I don't even have a red ribbon to tie onto the door knocker :-( I'm no help at all for your lack of holiday cheer, especially with my loved ones being 1200 miles away. Sure wish I could join you for some of that lobster though!

  4. Humph! WHat is up with the white background on my text? LOL Oh Well!

    Granny- I'd gladly invite you in. Just remember we only serve lobster once a year. ;-)

    Mary- Thank you. Your post was perfect.

    BMKW- Susan, did you get your snow yet? Oh, I found a gingerbread TRAIN! I can't wait! Hoping to do that tonight.