Monday, April 27, 2015

Harvest Monday 4.26.15

Sent from my iPhoneWell. My computer is out so I have to post via my phone and email. Guess it's a good thing I have it set up already. Only issue is a scrambling of pictures and words. So- it will be a short post and all one paragraph. Sorry to anyone's sensibilities that this irritates. So new for the week? The need for progressive or trifocals lenses. This is a big deal peeps. I've never needed glasses much less bifocals or trifocals. Welcome to the forties I suppose. The peaches are ripening wonderfully and I've already pulled more off the tree then we got in entire harvests in recent years. Partly due to the 6 squirrels i rejoined recently and partly due to the sudden maturity of the main tree. The chicks are growing like weeds. The duckling are no longer just a bit of fluff under momma duck and are acting and looking like real ducklings. I have also been getting a small bowl of blueberries daily along with a few strawberries and kale. It's starting to get lanky but still producing. Hope you are having a wonderful start to you week. See you soon!

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  1. Oh and yet another person getting peaches this week and mine aren't even blooming yet. I'm hating glasses right now too. At least I don't need distance glasses. I do have two though. I've got my reading glasses. And my computer glasses. I sit 4' away from the monitor so the reading ones just won't do for that.