Monday, April 20, 2015

Harvest Monday 4.20.15

This week the main harvest was carrots. The rest of the carrots in the garden are iffy - but these were wonderful....
Weighing in at a little over 2 pounds after cleaning, this harvest was my favorite this week.

This week showed the end of the snap peas. I pulled the plants. The pods were swelling before I could harvest them and the plants were getting ratty.

I also finished harvesting the potatoes. I think at least. There could still be a plant tucked in underneath something, but in the long run this will be the end of them until fall. Sweet potatoes are still in and will be plundered all summer as usual. However, this year I am not planting as many. Space is tighter than ever in the garden so I'm trying to plant only what will be used. Nothing stores well here so it's no use growing more just to have it go bad. 
Blue berries have peaked and i"m getting about 5 ounces a day. Perfect size for adding to our breakfasts and a few for popping in our mouths as we go along. They have gotten extremely sweet now so resistance is futile!
Speaking of blueberries. It's also time to go to the u-pick place. I sure hope some year I'll not need to go there any more, but for now it's a great family experience and it gives us enough to get through the year.

Strawberries have flushed again so you'll be seeing them again on next weeks harvest.

Well- back to work for me. Don't forget to stop by Daphne's this week! Can't wait to finish putting in a few new plants for the patio this week.

See you soon!



  1. What a great variety of goodies you have now! And I won't ever look at a just-picked blueberry the same again. Resistance is futile indeed LOL! The blueberry u-pick sounds like fun. My wife and I go pick cherries every year, and it is a fun way to fill up the freezer with them.

  2. Lovely carrots. And I eat a lot of blueberries too. Though I tend to buy them frozen. I wish I could grow them, but so far not too much luck with the birds eating what little is produced. I'm thinking about netting our small patch this year.