Friday, January 2, 2015


We have managed to fill the freezer and the pantry so that's awesome.

Sure hope it rained while we were gone or my garden will be toasty by now.

See you soon!

BarbieSo we are packing up tonight and the kids are wound up. They won't go to sleep no matter the bribe or punishment. I understand. It's the opposite of the Disney effect. Instead of not being able to sleep because we are excited to go we can't settle down because we want to stay.

It's not like we haven't spent more time here in the last 6 weeks than we have at home. No internet. Barely a phone signal (and never when you actually want to call someone) no cable. This place is obsolete. It's wonderful. When the news comes on at home it's about triple homicides and beheadings, bank robberies and school shootings. Here? Someone's house got broken into and instead of letting the robbers get away they went after them. They called to cops and the thieves were apprehended. Talk about a change of pace. Not that every single thing that happens here is good. A big part of this small community passed away this past week. It was not that the man wasn't elderly. It's that he was such a big part of this area.

So tomorrow it's back to reality. Back to using a dishwasher and 300 channels with nothing on TV. Back to leaving for work before dawn and coming home after dark.

But also back to taking care of ducks and chickens, cats and kiddos. That's the part I like. Sure wish I could find a way to combine these two and find my happy place.

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