Monday, January 26, 2015

Harvest Monday 1.26.15

It's Harvest Monday again.

All my harvests this week were greens and broccoli that went to flower. Because it went to flowering I gave it to my feathered friends. They REALLY enjoyed it. Luckily for them there was enough for each of them to have a small head. Unfortunately for me it means I still haven't harvested any for the table.

So I will show you what is left of my sweet potato harvest. I gave a few away to a friend with diabetes, and a few to a neighbor for making slops of her own, ate a couple fresh and now I have set these out for 'curing' in the garage. Of course here the whole curing thing isn't very effective, but it helps me to keep out of the stash a few weeks so at least some of the sugars can be converted. ;-)

Turned out to be close to 20 pounds that are left. I'm happy with that. It's rather exceptional considering I'm robbing the plants throughout the summer as I need them.

Here are Baby and Swayze  after enjoying their treats from the garden... I'm really happy with the decision to keep this hen. She may be a golden but her coloring is fantastic and 50% of the female offspring will be silvers because the drake is a silver. It may be a couple years before we would be able to keep any of the babies, but I will probably let her raise a clutch in late summer if she decides to set. I will try to time it just right and order a few pullets to put under her when the ducklings hatch.

That's it. Sorry - I know my ducks aren't necessarily 'harvest' material, but I am getting an egg a day from this beauty, so I suppose it does count to a degree.

Enjoy your week. I'm counting on company soon so I'll be cleaning up the tall beds and trying to get them back in order.

See you soon!



  1. Eggs are harvests for sure! And I love seeing your fine-feathered friends! :-)

  2. They are really pretty ducks,

  3. I would definitely consider eggs a harvest! And it looks like you did very well with your sweet potatoes. I am going to try growing them next year, although I don't have a spot in the beds for them so I will probably be growing them in a big ol' pot instead. Daphne did that this past year - grew some in a planter on her front porch - and she was quite successful.

  4. Baby and Swayze? LOL on the names. Ducks are absolutely harvest material - what I wouldn't give to have a farmer nearby selling duck eggs! I used to get them all the time in my previous neck of the woods, but it's all chickens around here. And great that you can put some of your "not so edible" harvests to good use.