Friday, May 9, 2014


More than one thing that is interesting, at least to me anyway.

First off - this:

 This is my Mother's Day gift. Because it's custom (Cheap custom, but still custom) it couldn't have been a surprise because i had to pick out each piece for my bow. I <3 my new bow. I like shooting with it, too. ;-) We are going on Sunday to Lake Park to slice up some targets and I can't wait!

 Secondly I'm having issues typing and posting pics at the moment. I think all the pics are here but getting them in order and getting the words in the right place is proving difficult. Sorry.

Third, Those cute little critters over there? Just 2 weeks ago they were just yellow puff balls. I'm excited to take them to Alabama in a few weeks. Memorial day is closing in fast! Just look at those shiny new feathers.

 OK- I'm going to stop counting because it's going to be redundant if I don't. So, I'm down to the last couple sweet potatoes that I've grown from last year and I decided to make some baked sweet potato fries. They are my favoirte things, ever...ok well maybe not I do like them mashed, casseroled, with cinamon with salt or any other way you cook them but I do enjoy them as fires just as much... So I sliced up my wonderful potatoes and was taken aback and just how cool these purple ones are.

Just look at the marbling in that sucker! You may also notice that it is a bog around as my hand and oogle at the thought that I used HALF of it to make fries and I had enough left over to make a large bowl of mashed potatoes as well... see! I also enjoy the fact that it is one of the few truly purple vegetables that does not loose it's color when you cook it. 

 So, here are the blueberries for the week 3.5 pounds worth. These are getting ready to hit the freezer. I realized that the few bushes i have just aren't enough so....

I bought 50 more. 30 of a new variety that does not have a patent yet (princess uh...something or another) and 20 Jewel plants. I was highly impressed with the fruit quality of this new variety and I'm pleased that i"ll be one of only a few handfuls of people that get to trial it. It grows very tall and lanky just like my Primadonna plants do but the fruit is much sweeter and smaller as well.

 Oh joy! So these babies are hitting getting potted up this weekend and I'm praying they start sprouting up quick. Momma needs more plants!!! :-)

On a side note a NOT so interesting thing? The ducks don't mess in my garden much - but the chickens managed to destroy my corn plantingin about 30 seconds this week. Now I'll have to replant the corn and I'm having trouble remembering which variety is in there already. Oh well. Such is life.

Have a WONDERFUL Mother's Day y'all!

See you soon!


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