Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Foul play


Last week we acquired a new addition to our little mini homestead. These critters will be traveling with us to Alabama in a few weeks and I can't wait to see them on our pond up there.

I am absolutely shocked at how fast they grow. In the first 5 days the littlest one has doubled in size and the largest one has lost almost all its baby fluff. Gone are the pristine peepers and now I have muddy looking porcupines in their places. 

We had our first swim this week - and getting dried was interesting. 

They are not comfortable around us. I want to keep it that way. These ducklings will need to fend for themselves very soon.

They are a beautiful bird as they mature and I hope in the future to show you how fast that happens. I also hope to get to share their first ducklings with you as well. 

To help keep them safe on the pond we are building a floating duck house that will be anchored in the lake. It makes it nearly impossible for coyote attack and lowers the risk of raccoon attack as much as possible. Once they are 3-4 months old they will be large enough that bird of prey will think twice about them as well. The oldest is just about a month old now. I'm sure this journey will go very quickly. Good thing too- these suckers are DIRTY! Whew!

See you soon!


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