Monday, April 28, 2014

Harvest Monday 4.28.14

It's Monday again! Welcome back. :-)

I know it's sporadic around here but there is a LOT happening right now. The blueberry plants are producing well and I'm gathering close to a half pound a day now. I'm in h.e.a.v.e.n! We love blueberries around here. They are the best part of our day. Only problem is every other day I only get a small handful because the birds get to them first. I'm willing to share some things (mulberries for instance - take them ALL!) but I'm possessive of the blues. These babies are the best!

Well- I went to place the pictures here and they are all messed up. I don't know why but apparently I can't save files anymore. This is going to be interesting.

We've been having a lot of tea parties in our house as of late.
The girls really enjoy this and they are begging for them every day. Many a  friend has joined us and the parents are astounded I can get them to drink tea. It's hibiscus and passionfruit tea. Delicious absolutely delicious and so good for you, too... helps that it's pink for those girls that want pink everything. ;-)

The irises are in bloom again. I do love the blooms so much. I divided all of my iris plants this year and gave a bunch away. I really wanted to replant them, but I love my garden friends and have gotten so much from them that this was only a hitch in my step. I'll divide again next yer and replant throughout my walkway.  

I still have the fortnight lilies as well even though I completely destroyed 2 plants because the tubers were so large they were wedge under the sidewalk and impossible to remove. I only kept 1 or 2 divisions of those because they are so aggressive in this space.

So things are happening. I'm gathering strawberries, blue berries and purple pole beans for now. There are some green tomatoes out there teasing me and the bush beans are flowering now, too. Things are beginning to look up now!

See you soon!


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