Friday, March 29, 2013

Long winded

This post could be very long winded so instead I'm going to try to stick to just showing you as many pictures as I can and staying out of it.
The trip to Alabama:

Click me! Where is Waldo?

Got it?
Well... it was a whirlwind. The kids had an absolute blast, and we were nonstop from the get go.
The peach and apple trees I planted last year are doing wonderfully. They were blooming well and had grown in nicely. Hopefully this last cold snap didn't kill off all the buds from the peach trees. I don't expect apples so it wouldn't bother me if they were killed off. But, the peach trees are perfectly capable of bearing a few peaches this year.
While we were there we: hiked, biked, hunted, shot skeet, fished, rode the trails, moved the containers, finished the shooting range, and in general went from sun up to sun down. It was lovely. It was only 3 days... LOL
This weekend we should be finishing the second tall garden. I can't wait to fill it up with seeds and plants!!!
See you soon!

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