Monday, August 24, 2015

Harvest Monday 8.24.15

Avocados are still the main harvest. However they will only be the focus for another week or two. All of the fruit I can reach is nearly gone. I may have another 10-12 out there and that's it. They've been great this year but I am still unsure if freezing smashed avocado will work and if it does how handy it will be.

Also this week I have harvested the last pomegranate. The tree is dead and I am not sure if I will replace it because I don't know what killed it. Boo!!!

Waiting on the bananas now. This is the first year I will get a small harvest

Also the new chicks are officially hens. They are all laying now. I've got a beautiful nest to pick up each day.

Things are moving quick around here and while some projects (Like the new garden) are on hold for a while, others are getting started and some are even getting finished. So I'll be posting a bit the next few days. Then again, I always say that and i have the best intentions, but when I want to post I never seem to be able to.

See you soon!


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  1. I've always loved the blue eggs. So pretty.