Friday, August 7, 2015

Basement update

The footers were poured this week, and now the block mason is out squaring the corners so that his crew can move in and finish the walls. It's all so exciting.

This was the picture we were sent last week.The footers are completely dug and the vapor barrier is down. The rebar is laid in the footer panels and all was ready for the concrete truck. He was scheduled out for Thursday.

We went up last weekend and saw the first half of the pad with the footers in place. It was so hot that the concrete cured before they could finish it. Now a portion of it is rough and will have to be ground down to get a decently smooth surface. That's important to us because we plan to paint the floors with an epoxy and just use a few throw rugs rather than finishing the floors. Unfortunately due to the way the first portion of the slab set up they put the second half on hold until Monday so they could try to get a better finish on the rest.

So we only saw half the basement floor finished. 
Here hubby inspects the work and shows little B what is going on. Seriously, I know more about building than he does so this is somewhat comical. Note the 6' ladder in the rear right corner. It shows the true depth of that pit. It's hard to believe that it is that deep until you get inside and look up. 

The next picture shows how the rebar is run under the pad to strengthen it and through a block inside the footer pad for stability.

By the time we left on Sunday they had the rebar uprights ready for the masons arrival.

From the ground level it just doesn't seem that impressive.

But look over the edge and suddenly you realize it. These are the pictures I took last weekend. This weekend the walls for the basement should be up and if all goes well they will be sealed and the floor joists for the cabin will be started. Fingers crossed we stay on schedule because I only have 1  3 day weekend after the construction is scheduled to be finished to get in the cabinets and plumbing. Once that is done we can take our time getting the flooring done and other chores. It just needs a basic bathroom and electric so we can 'camp' there until we get everything ready for move in.

We will be heading up again in a couple weeks and then things will get REALLY exciting. That is the time they are scheduled to start the LOGS, EEEP!

See you soon!


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