Monday, June 8, 2015

Harvest Monday 6.8.15

A week into June and the main harvest has been AVOCADOS! Yippee! We got a few last year, but this year I have lots and lots. There has been avocado slices on salads, and mashed avocados in sandwiches, some guacamole and now I'm at the point where I can't quite keep up eating them all as they come in. So- Now I will start trying to figure out how to preserve the stuff. I've heard of people freezing it but I just don't know how well it works. Anyone have experience? I know I can at least vacuum seal and freeze the guacamole, but I'm not sure about any other uses for it besides that. Shame, too because what I see on the trees should be the perfect amount for 9-12 months...but no way to keep the fruit from falling and becoming useless.

Such is the gardeners life. Oh! I almost forgot the other big harvests have been tomatoes (2 bushes are diseased already but the fruit is mostly edible)lemons, limes and jalapenos. I mean - seriously? Could the irony here escape anyone at the moment? It's the perfect guacamole ingredients. I'm adding some garlic to it, but other than that it's all homegrown. :-) LOVE IT!

Pomegranates have been coming in, too. Unfortunately they are not ripe, they are bursting from the rain we've had. :-( Booo!!!!! Normally our springs are really rather dry and that just hasn't been the case here. Our daily rain pattern doesn't usually pick up until late June but this year it started in March. So the not-quite-ripe burst fruit is going to the chickens who just don't seem to care that the fruit is more tart than sweet. LOL. They are also eating my aphid ridden kale and unfortunately the butterflies that seem to be showing up en mass this month.
Hope all is well where you are. Don't forget to stop by Daphne's to see what gardeners are harvesting all over the world!

See you soon!


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  1. I buy frozen tubs of mashed avocado to make a green enchilada sauce. Yum. I could imagine making other cooked items with it too. Or just eat it plain. I love it like that too. Avocados are so delicious.