Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thursday blues...

Thought I'd lighten my mood a little.


These balloons are an every day occurrence for us during the summers here. But now that the days are getting shorter we see less and less of them. They lift off just about dawn in the pastures around my home. The kids love watching them floating around and it always seems that the balloons catch their eyes at the same time that they catch mine.

'Air Balloon, Momma - Air Balloon!!!' the whole "hot air" part seems to elude them. The kids have also never realized that there are PEOPLE attached to the bottoms of these balloons. I'm kinda glad for that. I don't think I could stomach such a ride, and I know full well my loving husband would not tolerate such things. He hates ladders, much less something that far off the ground. LOL.

This brings me to other things that lighten my mood. Food!

Have I shared this with you yet? I just adore this creation. It's mozzarella cheese on the inside (though I think ricotta mixed in would be a little better) and guava jelly/syrup on the outside... a combination I assure you that I was unaware could be, would be fantabulous together. But, but.... it is - OH so much so. MMMMmmmm. I just couldn't resist that first bite before I took the picture for you all. :-D It was so yummy.
So remember when you are thinking about new ways to prepare your favorite foods. Or for that matter ways to prepare foods that are overrunning your cupboards. I don't seem to have that problem  in the heat of the summer, but I get low in the heat with my gardens not producing much, experimenting is a good way to kick the doldrums. This sweet and savory crepe was a great way to do just that. It made my day, for sure!

This weekend I'm off to Ocala for a little extra family time on Saturday and Sunday it's chicken coop re-coup day! We'll tear up the old on and make it new. Hopefully I'll remember to take pictures along the way! Can't wait to share the new digs for my fine feathered friends with ya, I just know they are going to LOVE having room to stretch their wings.

'Till next time!



  1. Guava with anything is good. I just love guava and cream cheese pasteles. This seems like a great way to get close to that at home!

  2. Yes, I think so. A little less sugar, and less fat, too! ;-) But the down side is that this doesn't store as well and is far more tempting to eat all at once!