Thursday, August 23, 2012


It's still early - 3-4 days early. By Saturday I'll know a lot more. But right now it's looking like my poor garden and the flock will be wet for a little while longer. According to this Isaac has his eyes set on us. If this holds true and the models are right we'll be wet for another 3 days solid.
Leaves me wondering what to do with the poor hens that are just getting settled in their run outside. I'm thinking that along with trying to finish the overhead wire to keep them in the run I will also need to finish the temporary housing that could be used in the garage. It's only 3' square, but when it comes to a hurricane 3' square inside a garage is better than 35' outside - yes? No?
If only I had 3 separate dog carriers. Large ones. That would work better. But, I don't have them so it's useless to ponder the what ifs.  Alternately I could close them up into their coop for the 2 days it will be directly overhead. The coop seems like it should be in a sheltered enough location between 2 houses and against a fence. I could lower the roof and secure it down so that rain doesn't enter from the top. After all they did make it through Tropical Storm Debby just fine.
Tough enough critters.
I'll keep ya posted as the situation changes.

'Till next time.



  1. Do stay safe and keep those girls dry. Fingers crossed and good vibes headed your way that you'll all be safe and Isaac will make a sharp turn and miss you completely! BTW, the side yard chicken run is brilliant!

    1. You know they are just dumb enough, I think they LIKE the rain!

  2. OOOh, I hope Isaac spares you all. You already had to deal with Debbie!

    1. Spared form wind- rain - 10" in 2 days... not too bad.