Monday, September 1, 2014

Harvest Monday

They are truly enjoying the new freedom. Watching them grace the lake is just insanely awesome.

Harvested another sweet potato and a few peppers

Heading to camp out on the couch and try to recoup.

Here are (hopefully) some pics.

See you soon!

Sent from my iPhoneIt is still Monday right?

Harvested this week a load of mint. I was mowing the patch so I gathered all I could from the area first. Good timing the kids and I seem to have caught a summer cold. Mint tea is soothing.

The ducks are now happy in their new pond.


  1. The ducks do look happy. Too bad about the cold though. I hate them anytime, but they just aren't supposed to happen in the summer.

  2. So cool to see the ducks enjoying their life on the pond!!!