Monday, June 23, 2014

Harvest Monday 6/23/14

Welcome back to Harvest Monday!

I am unfortunately still dealing with thievery and nastiness in my garden. I am ready to turn it all under and wait until fall to start again. That is a sad day, indeed. All of my harvests this week were wild ones...

Blackberry season is upon us. The blackberries at home? GONE. The berries are all gone and one of the plants was chewed through. I'm not happy with that, but I was thrilled to gather a few handfuls like this for desserts. No cooking or prep needed, just pop 'em and go!

This harvest however, well it needed quite a bit of prep work. My son is learning how to filet and how to prep pan fish. This guy was too large for a pan fry, and needed to be filleted. But he was part of a stringer that ended up being a wonderful dinner for 5. :-)

Ah, yes this also took a lot of prep work. all the meat on the right was from a regular rack of ribs, the meat on the left is all wild pig. YUM... this was all smoked on Saturday and what you see here is after 9 of us were finished. My fridge is full of leftovers now and that makes for easy meal prep this week. :-)

Thanks for stopping by. Don't forget to go by Daphne's Dandelions. She's got the scoop on what's happening in gardens around the globe.

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  1. Lovely fish. We eat fish often enough, but sadly none of us fish.

  2. Blackberries look lovely and that fish is fantastic! Sorry to hear about missing things from garden (hope it's just animals and not people), we've been hit with that as well from bunnies and groundhog.

  3. So sad about your berries & garden. We had lots of disappointment last year before the chicken wire fence was up with bunnies getting to all our veggies - some of them, they didn't even eat, they just ripped them apart and left them on the ground...ugh! I hope you have better luck in your fall garden.

  4. I love the fish photo! I used to have a lake at my old place, and spent many happy hours fishing there. If I was lucky, the fish wouldn't bother me too much! ;-)

  5. I second Dave's comment. That's quite a catch. I go clamming with my son and as much as I love my garden, there's something to be said about foraging for your next meal. It's "freedom" at its best.

  6. Love the fish and the wild pig! That is indisputably working for your food and must be so rewarding. I am so sorry about the thefts in the garden. I hope you will be able to eliminate the problems real soon.