Wednesday, January 22, 2014


My yahoo an gmail accounts have gone the way of the dinosaur. I got locked out, hacked and shut down! So, it's been a month and I now have another gmail account - but I've lost my contact list and all that jazz.

While it was at first shocking and worrisome, now I'm just torqued that not only did yahoo allow it to happen but then rather than checking when the changes happened to my account they simply told me - NOPE, it's not yours. WHA>>>??? So yahoo has lost any and all thought from my head. I'm not putting my eggs back into their basket!

A month. Wow. The first 2 weeks I didn't even know I had a problem because I was in and out of town. Our Holidays were absolutely fantastic. We spent Christmas up at the 'cabin' and New Years as well. We had a wonderful harvest of 6 deer this year and we introduced a teenager to hunting. She was very enthusiastic, but learned the hard way that it isn't easy. Due to her level of perseverance I'm quite sure that she will be back at it again with no less vigor.

We brought home 160 pounds of meat for our freezer, and loaded my brothers with the same. He'll have meat for the year, and while it won't be our only source of meat, we will be set with red meat. We will fish in the spring and freeze our catch for the year. This year we hope to put away at least 50 pounds.

The garden is still going pretty strong. I had a major issue with my birds last weekend. I lost 3 heads of broccoli and 3 other entire plants of brussel sprouts to my bird brained friends. Time for a wing clipping, I think. They also dug out all my carrots and small seedlings. It made me sad, but it's also not the first time and I knew they were molting and that means their new wing feathers would allow them to fly again.

Speaking of chickens molting... I have to give my girls some serious praise. They were both laying up until this last week, and now I am still getting an egg most days form Campbells. Praise for molting and laying- but I'm still at my wits end with the red one. Blondie has taken to attacking me when I'm walking. If I'm standing still she's fine, but for some reason when I walk away she runs after me, stomps her little chicken feet, fluffs up her feathers and pecks me. While it doesn't really hurt because I'm always in long pants out there, if she did that to the kids it WOULD hurt. Their feelings of course, but that peck is hard enough to bring a tear to your eye without the clothing barrier. So drama continues to unfold in the hen house. I've found a home for her, but it would leave Campbells alone and that thought makes me sad. I could rehome both, but seriously? I don't want to start over with chicks. What to do?

So- that's what's been going on around here. Hope your month has been better than mine!

See you soon!


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