Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Super Project Phase 1

Super Project is getting each of my kids their own room. It involves getting rid of "The Playroom." That of course involved a bit of heartbreak on my part because being able to shut a door and have toys and clutter disappear is always a good thing. It also was hard on me because it wasn't even a year ago that I had a little makeover/reorganization party with that room. So it was a little hard on me to just give it up.
September 2012
But, my kids really need their own space, and my little boy? He's not so little any more and he needed more room. The playroom was the biggest room in the house besides the Master bedroom. No offense kid, but - FORGET ABOUT IT!

Remember that I was cleaning carpets a couple weeks ago?
Well, I was cleaning those carpets after I took out all the toys and well organized games...and dress up stuff. *sniff* WAHHHH.....
OK, OK. I'm moving on now.
So Phase 1 of Super Project was turning the playroom into a teenage boys room.
I can now say, mission accomplished!
He wanted something with a nautical feel that was fish themed and surf themed, too. I think I accomplished that. He also wanted 'not white walls and a wall that was blue' The picture doesn't do the walls justice. The tan is  creamy with a hint of grey and the blue is called faded denim. It really looks like a pair of jeans. Too cool!

To finish it off we added a tropical fish tank. It really adds to the tropical feel of the room.
 It seems like just yesterday he was just a little boy. Now he's getting ready to get his driver's license. *CHOKE* COUGH  *GAG*  But, I've got a little secret tucked into my back pocket. That headboard of his you see there?
Hehehe.... It's actually his old crib. :-) He will (whether he likes it or not) always be my little man. Even if he is now taller than me and he has a mustache. Every time I walk into the room I can't help but get a little choked up, and when I see that headboard it makes me smile and of course it adds to that lump in the back of my throat.
So Phase 1 complete. Phase 2 & 3 almost complete and phase 4... not so much. LOL.
See you soon!

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