Monday, December 3, 2012

Harvest Monday 12.3.12

December already. WOW.
Happy Holidays everyone! It never fails to amaze me how fast the time whips by every year, but this time of year it just seems to go even faster.
The garden is almost non-existent but I'm still getting a few good things from it here and there.
This is what my harvests are looking like on a daily basis:
A nice handful of green beans and a few eggs. 2 some days and 3 other days. The hens are doing a nice little mini-molt so they don't lay consistently right now. But they are still laying and I feel very lucky to get eggs this late into the year. The picture is deceiving. The eggs are all the same size. 2oz each.
I also harvested 5 large sprigs of rosemary for cooking.
The weather has been very nice again. Near 60 at night and in the 70's during the day so very mild. After a few early frost worried me that this year would be the coldest on record things have evened back out. I'm so thankful for that.
I haven't made much headway on getting the garden projects done. I keep thinking I have until spring, but I don't! It will take several weeks to do the bricking and then I'm sure a week or more to bring in the soil and get it ready. By the time I am done it will end up being summer again and I don't want to lose that much gardening time.
I think Ill ask Santa for some garden help. ;-)
I am still harvesting roselle but after the last light frost the bush is now covered in powdery mildew. It's starting to get onto the calyx as well so while the end was near due to the weather, it's a lot closer now because I will no longer be able to consume the fruit. :-(  So I'm making the last couple of batches of tea and I think I'm going to freeze a gallon. Then I can whip it out on a warm day in spring when I need a real pick me up.
I've spent the whole weekend around the house getting last weeks disasters fixed and baking up a storm. I baked a Hubbard's squash and gave 1/3 raw to the hens. I got 5 cups of it for 2 pies and a dinner dish, and they got a treat for the next few days, too.
While the A/C guys fixed my heater I made pecan cookies and pecan pies from last years stash and I still have 6 more bags left... LOL. Then The plumber fixed the drain in the shower and I made oatmeal raisin and PB - but we only got 1 shower fixed. The other 2 need the entire shower fixture replaced and that will have to wait.
Fixed the dryer (WASPS NEST! Inside the pipe) and it took 2 days to catch up on all that laundry. So I baked some more...gingerbread, chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin muffins and pumpkin logs and now I think I'm ready to collapse.
My holiday baking is done except the pumpkin pies and a few more pecan pies. I feel very accomplished and my house is quite possibly in worse shape than when I started. (The kids were on free for all) But for the kitchen. I can't leave it a mess when I cook like that. LOL. It's in the same order as it started. The flour sack towels are not but everything else is.
Linking into Daphne's Dandelions Harvest Monday. Make sure you stop by her place to se what other people are harvesting and how they are using their stored harvest - from all over the world.  
Thanks Daphne for always being such a wonderful hostess!
See you soon!


  1. Goodness me you have been busy!!!! everyone is well fed in your home, I'm sure the kids know whats good for them and there's no pie if there's TOO much mess.
    Great feeling to be able to harvest even a handfull from the garden, those lovely beans would do me steamed along with the eggs in an omlete for a quick tasty dinner!!
    The rosella look interesting, another fruit I'm yet to try.

  2. You sure have been busy in the kitchen. It is only Dec. 3 and you got all your holiday baking done, amidst all that was going on, wow.

  3. Love it that you're still getting beans. Reminds me I really need to work harder in freezing some for our winter use.

  4. Wearing me out with all the work you have been doing! :D

    Lucky you getting fresh green beans still! Ours are history and we are eating the freezer supply of green beans now. Our hens are also finishing up a molt and between the short days and the molting we are getting very light egg production right now.