Tuesday, November 6, 2012


This past weekend I was able to witness the commissioning of the Coast Guard Cutter the William Flores.

It was a beautiful ceremony. The vessel itself is magnificent. The men are pretty cute, too.

Oh, yeah not supposed to be looking at that. Most of them are half my age.  *Ahem*
What? I can't help that I have eyes.

Anyway the William Flores is a Fast Response Cutter and will be an integral part of the USCG's fleet in Miami. It will patrol the waters there along the international border between the U.S. and Cuba to protect and serve. Drug runners, beware!

This was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. Not only were we able to be present for the commisioning but we were able to meet the Mayor of Tampa and Clearwater. The Admiral of the USCG, the Governor of Florida and the individuals that were a part of the original fleet of the USCG cutter Blackthorn, a cutter that sank in Tampa Bay in 1980.

William 'Billy' Flores was a young Seaman Apprentice at the time and he lost his life saving others during the loss of the ship. For giving his life to save others this vessel will forever bear his name.

We were very fortunate to have been able to crawl into the belly of this boat. We got to see every detail of it. All of the wiring, the engines, the gally, the bunks, the heads, the ... well every inch of her. She may be an amzing ship and I'm proud to have been there but I'm claustraphobic and while I was very impressed I wouldn't want to live aboard.

Someone said they saw my husband and I on the news and in the paper. I didn't get a clipping or see the news but I don't know that I would have wanted to. I don't want anything to change the way that I saw the ship and Billy's family coming together. When those young men and women risk their lives for us, to protect us daily. Yes, I like that I've been given the opportunity to view this so specially.

Semper Paratus!

See you soon.


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