Monday, September 10, 2012

Harvest Monday 9.10.12

Rain. Rain. Go away... You ruined my weekend - AGAIN!

Harvest Monday holds a dozen beautificus eggs.  That's about it. The peanuts that I paid for? Uh- not producing too well. Apparently they are more susceptible to nematodes. Even being interplanted with the marigolds they are falling pray. Severely. That and the excruciating amount of rain we've gotten. It's just too much I think. The beans have all rotted in their pods, on what is left of the vines. They need turning under. But, I'd need a tiller to do what is necessary now. The garden is too far gone. Only the perma-beds need left and cleaned, the rest all need to go.

This stinks. I need to be starting my Fall garden and can't even do that. Booo....2 cucumber plants are ready to bloom any day now and other than that the pesto is ready for making. Not much besides mint and rosemary are gracing my tables. The giant mulberry bush has fallen to some sort of fungus - we are trying desperate measures to save it, but with rain still forthcoming and the dry season still 6 weeks or more away it is not looking good.

So I sit and wait. I got one out of 7 sections of bed cleared this weekend. That's not much of a start, but I'll take what I can get for now. Apparently the heat and rain keeping me out of the garden was bad for me. I have blisters just form that little bit of work. Soft handed so quickly. How shameful. :-(

It's not that I haven't been busy. While the humidity has been at 96% outside -  I've been slaving away inside (when not in Baltimore on business) on a couple rather large projects. I'll be back to share more soon. Must. fetch. camera. I tried to take pictures with my phone and that did not work at all.

'Till next time!


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