Friday, January 29, 2021

2021 the year that skipped a year

 HI! Miss me? Nope. didn't think so. It's 2021 and it seems we skipped a year. Easy to do when you can't go anywhere or do anything without risking the dreaded COVID. Needless to say we like most Americans have been watching the world go by, dreaming of eating out again and visiting friends on the regular.  

Unlike most Americans we never managed to work from home unfortunately - but fortunately we also never had a loss of income. At first we were productive. No Horse practice? Let's take on another project! No FFA meeting, hmmm... let's get caught up on laundry. No gymnastics, lets relax a little....but then the doldrums set in. TV took over our evenings (and still does!) No human contact is wearing on all of us. We try to see a friend at least once a month, in an outdoor location and it helps. Truly it does. It's just not the same, and I'm afraid it never will be.

Things at work have gotten challenging for both of us. College is challenging for Troy...after all how much can you learn from your computer when it's your parents pushing you to get your next degree? LOL

We did a lot of projects around the house and yet so many of them are still not finished. 2021, you had so much promise. 

I do have one "resolution" this year. I want to make a list of projects we started and didn't finish. I'll assign each project a month of the year and pick a weekend in that month to finally finish whatever it is. So many things were done "good enough" to get moved in but not as well as they should have been done. 

One of those things is that dreaded paint color. I'm somewhat wondering what it would do to just add a gallon of white paint to the 4 gallons that are left. Would it be as drab? I need a decent neutral paint I can use here and there for walls that are still funny colors.

The house has been through a few changes and mostly all for the better. Roof excluding. We had more and more issues with it, the worst being the storm back in February which created all the other issues.  They have repaired it several times and consensus is that it simply can't be repaired. It must be replaced. We've been living with a wonderful blue tarp *dripping sarcasm* for months on end. We ended up hiring an arbitrator who failed to do his job and then failed to even call us back when we inquired, and so now we have an attorney involved. GAH. Why are insurance companies such a pin to deal with? Furthermore, WHY does it cost so much to replace a roof? Oh wait, it's a necessity, that's why. GRRRR... Needless to say that once we knew the roof needed to be replaced we started skimping and saving. We have almost enought o cover it now, but it will leave us without any savings, and that is very scary. Can't wait to get past the point of no return so I can just deal with it rather than worrying about it. 

My girl and her prize winning ducks. I;'ll be back to share pics of the house.


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